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your bespoke plan

...are you ready to make a long-lasting commitment to your health?

Nutritional therapy offers you the tools to analyse your nutritional habits and see what may or may not be working with you.  I believe in an individualised approach which is why I use innovative DNA testing with my clients; to allow me to create a tailored plan to get the best results for your health optimisation, no matter what your concern.

I only work with a limited number of clients so that I can give dedicated support, and in return I ask that my clients are committed to make a real change to their long-term health.

Please note, all plans are based on a minimum of 3 months for optimal results.

Weight Loss

No fad diets, but a personalised weight management plan which is sustainable.  We will examine your relationship with food, your hormones and your metabolism.

Skin Health

With over a decade of experience working with top skin experts, I specialise in helping people with skin conditions including eczema, acne, rosacea, pigmentation and anti-ageing.

Health Optimisation

Feeling low in energy and are unsure why?  Perhaps you want to future-proof your health in the years to come.  We will use your unique DNA test results to biohack your optimal health.

Whilst the above are my fields of expertise, I am also able to assist you with gut health issues and hormonal imbalances.

how it works...

No matter what your concern, your bespoke plan will work in the below format.


Initial Consultation:

Our first consultation starts with a full and thorough health assessment. We go through:

  • Your symptoms

  • Your past medical history

  • Your current medical history

  • Your family medical history

  • Your current diet

  • Your lifestyle

We then discuss and elaborate together the best nutritional plan for the presented symptoms. This includes diet, supplements if needed and lifestyle.


DNA-based testing to get a deep understanding of your individual requirements and enable me to tailor-make an effective plan for you.


Post-consultation you will receive a nutritional and lifestyle plan to support your health and reach your desired goals, a shopping list, relevant handouts plus personalised recipe ideas. This may be tweaked based on your test results.

Check ins:

Due to the bespoke nature of my programmes and to ensure optimal results, I am available to check in with you weekly via WhatsApp.  Weight loss clients will have a regular progress check in on the same day each week.  

Follow ups:

4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks and beyond after our first consultation, we do a follow up consultation to:

  • Assess progress

  • Review and adapt the programme for the next stage

  • Discuss new symptoms/change in old symptoms

  • Analyse tests results if there are any

  • Discuss next steps


Consultation and plan only: £250

Consultation only: £200

For 4, 8, and 12 week plans, please get in touch.

Get in touch:

If it sounds like nutritional therapy could benefit you and you are ready to make a real commitment to your health, please email to book your appointment.  In-person appointments are available in London and Lisbon and online appointments via Zoom are also available.

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