nutritional therapy


Nutritional therapy offers you the tools to analyse your nutritional habits and see what may or may not be working with you.  Remember we are all individuals and there isn’t such a thing as one size fits all.

This is even more important in the field of nutrition. Our cells are unique, with unique DNA impacted by our own environment. With Nutritional therapy we get to find out the foods that are best for you which allows us to draw a tailored nutrition plan to optimise your health.

Whilst my expertise is in nutrition for skin-related issues such as acne, eczema, rosacea or ageing, I am also able to assist with:

Weight Loss

No fad diets, but a personalised weight management plan which is sustainable.  We will examine your relationship with food, your hormones and your metabolism.

Gut Health 

Helping you to improve and overcome IBS, SIBO and other chronic health problems through healing the gut.

Hormonal Imbalances

I help women with irregularities in their menstrual cycles, including PMS, period pain, menopause, blood sugar balancing and more

how it works...

Initial Consultation

Our first consultation starts with a full and thorough health assessment. We go through:

  • Your symptoms

  • Your past medical history

  • Your current medical history

  • Your family medical history

  • Your current diet

  • Your lifestyle

We then discuss and elaborate together the best nutritional plan for the presented symptoms. This include diet, supplements if needed and lifestyle.


In some cases testing may be required in order to determine the adequate protocol for your symptoms, but it isn’t always necessary. 


Post consultation you will receive via email the nutritional and lifestyle plan to support your health and reach your desired goals, a shopping list, relevant handouts plus personalised recipe ideas. In between your initial and follow up consultation I am available via email if you have any questions. Please allow a minimum of 48h for response.

Follow up

4 to 6 weeks after our first consultation, we do a follow up consultation to:

  • Assess progress

  • Review and adapt initial programme for next stage

  • Discuss new symptoms/change in old symptoms

  • Analyse tests results if there are any

  • Discuss next steps

Get in touch

If it sounds like nutritional therapy could benefit you, please email to book your appointment.  In-person appointments are available in London and Lisbon and online appointments via Zoom are also available.